- « Addition »: An impromptu method for peeking (in full view) and duplicating any information on playing cards, or business cards .It is not hands off and requires to learn a special sleight .But it is very puzzling,because the information looks closely guarded by the spectator and everything is under witness control.No stooging,no instant stooging,no force, no billet switching...
- « Twin peeks » : A mind reading card effect .You find the twin of a thought card that was kept under the spectator's hand. One of my favorite mental card tricks...
- « Quick peek » : Find a missing card in a borrowed and shuffled deck in 1 second ! The fastest way to "clock a deck"!
- « Witness » : A puzzling drawing duplication : your own drawing is revealed by a witness , while the spectator's drawing is still kept under her hands.
- « Invisible Book Test » : An impromptu book test like no others : All you need is blank business cards and pen. Can be done with any borrowed book .
- «Think of any object in the room »: You find the object without asking any question.
- «The hypnosis system V2 »: Not only you make a spectator forget her card, but you influence her to say the card you wanted!
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