Arlene Barbershop Haircuts - Business Man's & Headshave - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Arlene dresses up for a visit to The Chiseler barbershop, located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. You'll first see Arlene brushing and blow drying her long brunette hair one last time. Afterwards we find Arlene in a maroon dress and black heels, sitting in the barber chair. Her first haircut is the business man's haircut. It looks great on her! After getting the business man's haircut, Arlene decides to go even shorter -- pure baldness! When a woman at the barbershop asks why she wants to be bald, Arlene replies, "To be cooler." The first cut the barber makes with his clippers is straight down the middle of her head. When the barber has shorn her of her hair, he applies hot lather and uses a straight-edge razor for ultimate smoothness. duration: 91 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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