Mechanical Cabaret - Selective Hearing - Album - 12 tracks

Selective Hearing - Best Of Mechanical Cabaret 2002-2012: all the most popular tracks by the band, including the 12" Uncut version of underground club favourite See Her Smile, alternative chart hits Disbehave and Blank Canvas, and the original version of Why So Serious? All the tracks included were remastered using analogue valve mastering EQ and compression systems, and digitized at 24bit, 96khz, to get the very best quality. The artwork for the album is by artist Adam Cavill. Track listing: 1.Nothing Special 2.See Her Smile 3.Cheap And Nasty 4.Blank Canvas 5.Disbehave 6.Don’t Murder Me I’m Drowning 7.GBH 8.Pretty Fucked Up 9.Careful, Careless 10.Ne Plus Ultra 11.In Loving Memory 12.Why So Serious?
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