IT 210 Week 8 Object-oriented design

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IT 210 Week 8 Object-oriented design

Develop an
object-oriented design for a system that keeps tracks of your DVD

This Assignment has two parts: 

  1. Generate the
    object-oriented programming (OOP) pseudocode for each of the classes as
    demonstrated on page 458 in Chapter 9 of Prelude to Programming
    The pseudocode should include the classes, associated data, and operations
    for the classes.

  2. Draw a GUI
    (graphical user interface, similar to what you see on websites) that will
    create the objects and provide access to each object's processing methods
    and operations.  This GUI should have dialog boxes, describing what
    data entry is necessary, and buttons that are clicked to cause operations
    in the pseudocode to occur.

Note: An
easy way to draw the GUI is to use Microsoft® Word and the
command Insert Shapes.  You can create what looks like dialog boxes
and buttons.  You may also use any other drawing tool.

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