Discovery Related Text - Mental Cases, Wilfred Owen

This resource analyses the poem 'Mental Cases' in depth from a discovery view point. It includes sample analytical paragraph responses that can help students to learn how to present their analyses effectively in an English essay. It is an excellent discovery related text that is not frequently suggested by students, but one that connects so beautifully with the concept of discovery. This analysis provides a solid foundation for discovery study and all you would need from here is to look at different questions and see about adapting the explanation to suit.

Because I am a high school teacher, this is designed as a class activity - it would suit classes learning to analyse texts and develop their writin skills as part of this Area of Study as much as individuals looking for related texts.

The first question refers to a context page, which is not included. You can find context here:
The above website also has analysis of Owen's poetry and other useful information, but not from the lense of the HSC AOS: Discovery.
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