sSupport - Create private chats with your players

Hello my name is Soziks and im selling a plugin that allows players to create a chat with your moderators, so they can be helped easily with a really nice looking chat

This plugin is for Spigot 1.7.x and 1.8.x

This plugin doesn't need any type of dependency, only thing you need to make it work its put it inside your Spigot plugins folder and configure everything you need.

How to work with the plugin?

  • 1º - Drop the plugin inside your plugins folder.

  • 2º - Startup the server and its all done.

Some prints about the plugin


  • Support (Command to request support)

  • CloseSupport (Command to close the support chat)


  • sSuporte.receive (Receives every new support)

Not forgeting that you can modify ALL messages from the plugin in the Messages.yml
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