OPX PRO - Lead patches by Mistheria

OPX-PRO ME (Mistheria Edition) is the top-quality huge synthesizer that Sonic Projects especially customized for me and that I’ve proudly chosen for my lead sound (although not just for that…;)

The “Mistheria Lead” patches, included in the default bank, are exactly the patches that I use for my Keytar lead sound … a combination of outstanding sound and superior expression control! Also, in the package you find MP3 demos and the IK Multimedia Amplitube patch.

I use OPX-PRO ME both for studio and live productions, always I get the sound I’ve in mind and the analog feel gives me that natural approach that I always wished … I feel like to have a real-hardware synthesizer just under my total control.

OPX-PRO ME is the astonishing “monster” synthesizer which definitely moved my Keytar lead sound a step ahead! You’ll absolutely love it as I do!

More info about my setup:
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