Saturday AM #69

Saturday AM #69

Our #summerofmanga event continues with MORE BRAND-NEW DIVERSE shonen manga  --- from around the whole frigging world!

First up, enjoy CRUNCH TIME (formerly Astronite) from Greek artist, Deyan! This series has been carefully rebuilt with our editorial assistance and the artist's own rapidly improving and evolving talents! CRUNCH TIME is one of the most unique and compelling new titles we've debuted ALL YEAR LONG -- get ready for the next BIG Saturday AM EXCLUSIVE SERIES.

This issue rounds out with some new installments to series we haven't seen in awhile. New MATCHMAKER U (our first romance-themed comic); HOLLOWMAN (an urban thriller with rogue superpowers) and COMET MAN (an all-ages superhero adventure starring a young FEMALE HERO who rivals Ben 10 and other fun series)!

That's not all, #summerofmanga has brought us amazing new series EVERY ISSUE and one of the biggest returns for its' 3rd INSTALLMENT in as many issues -- the enormous TITAN KING!

Lastly, we bring to you two artist profiles -- one from SWEDEN and another from JAPAN! You won't want to miss these two Saturday AM discoveries!

So, stop screwing around-- YOU GOTS SOME READING TO DO!
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