Week 6 Homework

Week 6 Homework

Week 6 Homework 

Question  1: 

State whether the sequence below converges or diverges. If it converges, find its limit:    

Question  2:

Rewrite the sum using sigma notation starting with k = 1: 

Question  3: 

A ball is thrown 10 feet straight up into the air, and on each bounce, it rebounds to 60% of its previous height. 

(a) How far does the ball travel (up and down) during it nth bounce

(b) Use a sum to represent the total distance traveled by the ball

(c) Find the total distance traveled by the ball

Question  4:

Show that the function determined by the terms of the given series satisfies the hypotheses of the Integral Test, and then use the Integral Test to determine whether the series converges or diverges.             

Question  5: 

Use the material in Section 10.5 of the text to determine whether the given series converge or diverge.
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