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Apache and Microsoft IIS are definitely two of the most popular web servers out there and used by many people throughout the business and commercial industry.  The best ways to mitigate vulnerabilities on these platforms are really mostly just common sense in the Information Technology industry; yet, people still are not using the methods.  There are applications and software out there that can assist making them secure, however, if administrators just take the time to do what is required, most vulnerabilities can be mitigated. 

Keeping both Microsoft IIS and Apache updated is a key component in the security of the platforms.  Microsoft IIS runs on Windows Server, so it is especially key to update both the webserver and the operating system that it is running on.  Apache is normally run on the Linux platform, which doesn’t mean that you can “set it and forget it”.  New vulnerabilities are found every day, which also makes updating the Apache Server extremely important. 
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