This is a hypertrophy/HIIT guide that is going to burn your glutes like never before. You will get the booty development you desire if you follow this properly (and with correct nutrition). 

This Glute Killer Guide is a product of lots of hours studying, perfecting my craft, and hard work. I’ve had the chance to actually put this guide to the test before releasing it to you. I’ve done this workout on my own AND with some girlfriends, I saw how they responded, and perfected the product you are now purchasing.

The feedback so far has been positive and I am more than confident that this is going to be the best guide you've ever done.

-4 days worth of Glute Killing Workouts. (Recommended 2-3 rest days in between each)

-Alternative exercises.

-Descriptive notes of exercises.

Use the hashtag #itslitwithjlfit on the posts from you killing this guide and I'll give you a shoutout! 

Go kick your ass ;)

~Jessi Lee
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