Band 6 Arab-Israeli Conflict study package -syllabus notes, essays, historiography

36 pages of excellent study material, dont settle for less!

This package is all you need, it also contains an expertly written, adaptable, memorisable essay to assist you in your endeavours. It also contains a top-scoring history extension project that is full of extremely useful historiography and evaluative opinion.

This Extremely comprehensive study package for part 1 of the HSC History extension course is all you need to get a top band/state rank mark, like me. I personally wrote these notes over many months and used countless sources from state libraries, all of classmate's notes, university lectures and expert teachers.

The package expertly covers all syllabus material, provides highly beneficial and concise historiography, in-depth analyses and evaluates the Arab-Israeli and explores every attribute for you to receive an excellent mark.

I duxed my school, topped my history classes, am studying law, received 96 in modern history and 48 in history extension.;
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