WoW alliance Retail leveling profile

WoW alliance Retail leveling profile


This profile is intended as a helper to run though all the content on your OWN private server, so I take no responsability, if you use it on other servers !

Profile is for Alliance 1-70 Retail - 7.1 legion by @arcangelo and @eeny

- mainly targeted at humans as it starts in Northshire Valley. This is a quest profile with thousands of steps and hundreds of hours of testing. We have prioritised 1-70 speed for this profile.

This is a single file- no profile swapping! For bots with heirlooms and a primary spec fight class

To Business:

Highly recommended to run with Heirlooms. Not only the +exp but the gear is just...better, bots kill faster etc.

If you do purchase the profile (thank you)
It needs the quick-quest addon :
- as it streamlines quest 'admin' activities.

Quest Path:

1-6 Northshire valley

6-12 Elwynn Forrest

12-17 Westfall

17-20 Redridge Mountains

20-25 Duskwood

25-32 Northern Strangelthorn Vale

32-37 Hinterlands

37-45 EPL / WPL

45-48 BadLands

48-50 Searing Gorge

50-52 Burning Steppes

52-55 Swamp of Sorrows

55-60 Blasted lands

60-70 outlands - starts in Hellfire Peninsula

Updates of the profile

Version 1.0.2
Outlands added !

Version 1.0.1
New Starting areas added !
- Night elf (You have to take the boat in the end)
- Gnome
- Drawf
1-60 fixes
- Backlisting of some horde vendors (as the bot ran to them)
- A lot of blacklisting to fix some stuck points
- Some smaller quest fixes


Arcangelo & Eeny
WoW alliance Retail leveling profile
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