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Week 1 - Discussion Question #1

and Kirst-Ashman identify eight foundational concepts of human development in
Chapter 1 of your textbook. How do these foundational concepts apply to work in
human services? Choose at least one and discuss why it is important to our


Week 1 - Discussion Question #2

does General Systems Theory influence human services delivery? Provide an
example of how the theory assists human service workers understand how to help
their clients


Week 2 - Discussion Question #1

might adolescent concerns about self-image contribute to smoking, drug, or
alcohol use? Provide at least one example. Please also include information from
your textbook to support your answer.


Week 2 - Discussion Question #2

developmental milestones and behaviors signify an adolescent’s attempt to
transition from parental dependence to independence? Name at least two
milestones from your course materials. How can parents best support this
transition? Provide at least one example of parental behaviors that support
this transition. 


Week 3 - Discussion Question #1

are the positive and negative implications of Parsons’ four-problem matrix?
Please provide at least one positive implication and one negative implication.
Include information from the textbook in your reply


Week 3 - Discussion Question #2

would be the social, biological, or psychological advantages and disadvantages
of increasing the legal age of marriage? Please provide at least one advantage
and one disadvantage in your response. How might increasing the legal age of
marriage affect human development? Support your position with course materials
and/or an outside resource


Week 4 - Discussion Question #1

are two issues that are important for caregivers to address regarding the
behavior of dementia patients? What interventions can be implemented to resolve
these issues? Support your answer with information from course materials or an
outside resource


Week 4 - Discussion Question #2

would you apply the strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences principles in
your desired human services career? How will this understanding of your own
strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences benefit both you and your clients?


Week 5 - Discussion Question #1

does technology and media connect people to the community? What are the effects
of these connections on human well-being? Provide at least one positive effect
and one negative effect. Support your answer with course materials and/or an
outside reference. How do these impact human services?


Week 5 - Discussion Question #2

community efforts have been developed in your area to decrease substance abuse?
How effective are these efforts? How can they be improved? From a systems perspective,
what are the possible consequences to the community if inadequate services are
not improved or if effective services do not continue?

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