MGT 448 Week 5 Individual Assignment Global Financing and Exchange Rate Mechanisms

Roles of International Financial Institutions

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) can refer to World Bank Group (WBG),   International Monetary Fund (IMF), Regional Development Banks such as (ADB), (IDB) and other regional financial institutions like European Investment Bank (EIB), etc.  The need of this Financial Institutions arose after the World War II to invest in the poorest countries of the world because the world’s economy shattered badly by the war. World Bank and IMF emerged with the view to finance the neediest countries and these are the major sources of financing the developing countries by investing in their private sectors. Their roles have been modified in the last few decades which will be analyzed in this report. It would make us realize the original mandate of International Financial Institutions and their current economic planning. This report would also help to understand the Role of International Financial Institutions in organizing financial operations globally and the importance in managing risks.
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