Yale Electric Fork Truck Type AC, BC: ERP 020, ERC/P 025, ERC/P 030, ERC/P 040 Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for Yale Electric Rider Fork Lift Truck Type AC, BC.

Original factory manuals for Yale Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
ERC 025 AC
ERC 030 AC
ERC 030 BC
ERC 040 AC
ERC 040 BC
ERP 020 AC
ERP 025 AC
ERP 030 AC
ERP 030 BC
ERP 040 BC

Format: PDF, 193 Pages
Language: English

Contents (Alphabetical Index):

    Accelerator Control
B    Batteries and Charging Systems—General
    Battery Discharge Indicator—General
    Battery Discharge Indicator Removal
    Battery Removal
    Battery—T roubleshooting
    Brake Master Cylinder
    Brake, Motor
    Brake Pedal
    Brake System
    Brake System—Troubleshooting
C    Capacity Rating
    Control Valve
    Conversion Chart Metric/English
    Cowl Cover
D    Differential
    Directional Switch
    Drive Unit—General
    Drive Unit—Removal
E    Electrical Schematics
    Electrical System—General
G    Gear Oils
    General Component Description
H    Hi-Visability Mast
    Hints for Safe Maintenance
    Hydraulic Oil—T roubleshooting
    Hydraulic Oils
    Hydraulic Pump
    Hydraulic Pump and Motor—Remove
    Hydraulic Pump—Troubleshooting
    Hydraulic System—General
    Hydraulic Tank
L    Load Backrest
    Lubrication Instructions
M    Mast
    Model Nomenclature
    Motor Brake
    Motor Brushes—Replace
    Motor, Drive—Remove
    Motor, Hydraulic—Remove
    Motor, Hydraulic Pump—Remove
    Motor, Power Steer— Brushes
    Motor, Power Steer— Remove
0    Operating Instructions
    Overhead Guard
P    Parking Brake Cable
    Power Steering—Troubleshooting
    Pre-Operation Check
R    Relief Valve
S    Schedule of Maintenance
    SCR Control—General
    SCR Failure Status Codes
    SCR Function Codes—General
    SCR Function Codes—Hydraulic Pump Motor
    SCR Function Codes—Traction Motor Control
    SCR Handset
    Serial Number Location
    Steering Axle
    Steering Column
    Steering Gear
    Steering System
    Steering—T roubleshooting
T    Threaded Fasteners
    Torque Charts
    Torque Values for Hydraulic Fittings
    Trail Axle
    T roubleshooting— Battery
    Troubleshooting— Brake System
    Troubleshooting— Hydraulic Oil
    Troubleshooting— Hydraulic System
    T roubleshooting— Power Steering
U    User Support Information
W    Wheel Bearings
    Wiring Diagrams
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