Saturday AM #34 (includes Saturday PLUS #12)

Saturday AM #34 is finally here and we know the wait was nearly insanity for you because it just about drove US insane getting it to you.

But, it's here and what a HERE IT IS.

The finale of our short story featuring our ORIGINAL MANGA featuring new heroine, Cast aka the CLOCK STRIKER! Manga's first Black female lead character wraps her first adventure but not before our diverse universe EXPANDS with the long-awaited debut of


If you caught their first appearance in the TEST RUN from this summer then you know these high school kids are not typical manga emo--but are tough, street-level and ethnically diverse heroes (or is that anti-heroes) who hunts monsters in-between homework and classes.

This promises to be one of Saturday AM's most important new series and features extraordinary art (and cover by Christopher Krady)!

Add to that (for Premium Subscribers only) the next advance issue of our sister manga publication-- delivering NEW and original content from up and coming artists of our private PILOT Manga community. Saturday PLUS #11 includes a sneak of our next pilot series -- LAWS and includes new installments of OTOME LIFE and EXPLOSION JOE behind a cover by Leonardo Massip!

It's crazy how much is in this issue but then again, it's a LOT of work!

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