348 : Fiat 126 - hot barefeet drive | Starring Miss Tiffany

After spending quite a lot of time trying to start the old Fiat 126 engine, she manages to bring it back to life and rev it to the sweet spot! She is super excited to go on a road trip with her old Fiat and she is thinking about the happiness of driving this car and having around her just the countryside...

So she puts the first gear and she sets off to the adventure! After a while she realizes that those heels are absolutely not made to be used for driving with those small pedals, it's better if she can just drive barefeet, and that's what she will do!

She stops at the side of the road, she removes her heels and she then goes back to hit the road! She really enjoy driving around with her small Fiat 126, and she loves the melody it does!
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