M.A.C.J P-100 PianoRack

The Starting Of A New PianoRack Series. The P Series!

The New P-100 PianoRack Is Ready For A Showdown!

This PianoRack Has A Very Nice Natural Grand Piano along with new very nice characterized Rhode Patches. This Rack has layered patches included with the P-100 PianoRack. This PianoRack only carries 244.2 MB and is EXTREMELY useful for live concerts if you want a nice concert grand sound during a live performance or concert.

It also includes EQ performance function, Transport Function with metronome for practicing any music and to keep a tempo, Effects function, and a Panic function.

This also comes with a playback section so you can play with all of your tracks.

The following items required:
-Must Download Mainstage 3 From Apple Store.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your computer macbook will be able to perform while operating this Piano Rack concert!

Please make sure that your macbook has AT LEAST 8G of RAM and A processor that can operate faster and smoothly (At Least Quad Core i5 or i7 processor with a High clock speed 2.6gHz or 2.8gHz.)
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