Money Well™ e-Book (ISBN: 978-0-9946591-1-8)

How do you contain the money in your life? Do you have a container? Is it big enough, sturdy enough? Does it leak? Can it withstand the test of time? How you contain money is reflected in how you contain other things in your life – your joy, your talents, your relationships, your goals and aspirations, your humanity.

In this ground breaking, holistic approach to transformation through money-making you will learn not only how to contain your money but also how to spot and repair leaks and blocks in your money flow, using the Money Well™ process. ‘It’s not how much money you get to make, it’s how much money you get to keep, that’s the issue,’ Oprah has said. That is what the Money Well™ is all about.

Kiki Theo is an unusual combination of successful business woman and skilled transformational facilitator. She combines a solid business background, including over a decade in her own fund management company, with her lifelong study and practice of metaphysics. A catalyst for powerful personal transformation, Kiki specialises in wealth expansion and offers her own unique blend of energetic wealth transformation.

Total pages: 356
ISBN: 978-0-9946591-1-8

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