VIDEO - Long, strong, thick


There are so many things you can do with super thick floor length hair!
So many ways to do hair play, so many ways to wear it, so many hairstyles, so many possibilites for photoshoots, videos etc. Very long hair is the best!

The longer the hair grows, the stronger the hair root gets. Therefore, a lady who has floor length hair will lose less hair each day than a girl or woman that has hip length.
You can just imagine the strength of Alena´s roots. Her hair is super heavy, super thick and so long! Her floor length mane is unbeatable and it makes everyone drop their jaw. She can turn every ordinary person into a super - long hair lover and enthusiast!

When her best friend gets over, everyone knows that it is going to be some hair play and eventually also a video-shoot with us.
As you easily can see, Alena´s friend is a true long hair enthusiast and lover, and she is totally in love with Alena´s incredible mane!

The shine, the softness and silkiness. The weight, the tickness, the length. She loves it just as much as Alena herself!
In this video, she will demonstrate how strong her hair is by pulling it in a funny, playful way that everyone loves!
If there should be one video used for long hair shampoo commercials, showing that you get strong hair by uing their product, this video would be the perfect one!

She also does a LOT of other amazing hair play that you might have never seen before.
This is a very special video that you just got to have, and you will love it!
Some of the special scenes includes Alena wrapping her long locks around her friend´s waist, twice around her neck very tight, covering her body with it, her friend is pulling it in many, many different ways, lifting it and so much more!

Do not miss this video!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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