Pre-purchase: Anisa's Headshave

Pre-purchase: Anisa's Headshave

This is a pre-purchase product. Meaning that we have not yet produced the video, but are raising funds for the video to be produced through a pre-purchase system. Pre-purchase now, and get the video later when it has been produced. 

Model Anisa was one of our best haircut models. Anisa's long to buzzcut video was produced in October 2016. Product link here for reference:

Almost exactly one year on, she has expressed interest to do it again, but this time she wants it shaved to the scalp with a razor for a smooth bald finish. She has been growing her hair out all year for the experience.

The pre-purchase fund raising will be done over the month of October. After that, we plan to do the haircut sometime in November. The price is set on a donation basis, with a minimum price of USD $7.

No one is obliged to donate more than the minimum of course. But we do have incentive for generous customers. If you would like to have a say in the script of the video (for example, if you want a particular in-between style she wears before the final shave), you may "bid" for it by sponsoring more than the minimum price. At the end of October, the customer who contributed the most will have a say in the script of the video.

After the video is produced, this placeholder zip file will be replaced with the actual video file. Customers who have pre-purchased the product will be sent new download links when the video is ready.
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