Graphical calculator

You have been engaged to develop a graphical calculator in Microsoft visual studios 2010. Specific requirements are as follows:
Create a graphical calculator with buttons that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, +/-, Sin, Cos, Tan, clear, and Modulus.
Write a method of these calculations that will accept the needed incoming numbers and return the calculated value.
Please note the call to these methods will occur when = is pressed.
You may only use 1 textbox to input numbers and display the results.
The first step is to open up the Windows Form. We can change the name of the form by modifying the text property on the form to be “Calculator”. Notice how the change is reflected automatically on the form.
This assignment requires 11 buttons, and one textbox to input and display the results.
Button1 is
Button2 is
Button3 is
Button4 is
Button5 is for +/-
Button6 is
Button7 is
Button8 is
Button9 is
Button10 is
Button11 is for =
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