Live Vegan Fabulous Course

This is a 30 Day journey to clean your body and mind.

You will learn how to make a smooth transition to the Vegan Lifestyle over a 30 day period. With over 2 hours of class content you will learn at your own pace. This is an interactive challenge that includes your personal student login and dashboard, videos, digital media, quizzes, printable guides, grocery lists, easy to prepare vegan recipes, and much more! This challenge will pave the way for you to comfortably make the change to live Vegan and Fabulous!

·      Taking the steps to start your vegan journey

·      What to expect when transitioning to a plant-based diet

·      How to research during your journey

·      Understanding vegan nutrition

·      Veganism & weight

·      Vegan grocery shopping

·      How to meal prep

·      Vegan recipes & cooking

·      Vegan dining

·      Physical and mental maintenance

·      Holistic Living

·      30 Day Transition Calendar

This program includes videos and quizzes

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