Linde Forklift Truck H1402 Series: H180, H200, H220, H250, H280, H300, H320 Service Training Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Forklift Truck H-Series Type 1402.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 507 Pages
Language: English


0. Product information
   Technical data
   Acronyms and short forms
   1402truck -commissioning
1. Engine
   Diesel engine QSB 6.7
   Engine identification
   Technical data
   Engine view
   Engine identification - data plate
   Cylinder head
   Rocker cover -remove -install
   Rocker levers and pushrods
   Cylinder block
   V grooved belt- remove
   V grooved belt- install
   Fuel system
   Sectional view
   Fuel injectors -remove -inspection -install
   Fuel injectors - remove - install
   Fuel rail - remove - install
   Fuel supply
   Pump fuel high-pressure
   Electronic fuel control actuator - remove - install
   Lubricating system
   Sectional views
   Pump -oil -remove -inspect -(install)
   Cooler- oil - remove - (install)
   Oil sump/pan seal - replace
   Crankshaft oil seal -front -install
   Crankshaft oil seal -front -remove
   Cooling system
   Sectional view
   Pump -engine coolant -remove
   Thermostat coolant -remove -test- (install)
   Air intake system
   Sectional view
   Intercooler- remove - (install)
   Exhaust system
   Sectional view
   Exhaust manifold -remove -inspection -install
   Turbocharger exhaust- remove - install
   Electrical system
   Alternator -test
   Alternator- remove - (install)
   Diesel engine QSC8.3
   Engine identification
   Data plate
   Engine view
   External view
   Cylinder head
   Rocker cover -remove -install
   Rocker levers and pushrods
   Cylinder block
   Barring tool - QSC8.3
   V-grooved belt -remove -(install) -QSC8.3
   Fan pulley -remove -install -QSC8.3
   Crankshaft pulley -remove- install -QSC8.3
   Fuel system
   Sectional view
   Fuel injectors -remove -inspect -install
   Fuel rail - remove
   Fuel rail - install
   Pump -fuel - HP - remove - QSB8.3
   Pump -fuel - HP - inspect- QSC8.3
   Pump -fuel -HP- install -QSC8.3
   Pump -fuel - lift- remove - QSC8.3
   Pump -fuel - lift- install - QSC8.3
   Lubricating system
   Sectional view
   Cooler -oil- remove -QSC8.3
   Cooler -oil- test -QSC8.3
   Cooler- oil - install - QSC8.3
   Pump -oil- remove -QSC8.3
   Pump -oil- install -QSC8.3
   Cooling system
   Sectional view
   Air intake system
   Sectional view
   Intercooler- remove - install
   Exhaust system
   Sectional view
   Exhaust manifold - remove - install
   Turbocharger- remove -inspect -install
2. Transmission
   Axle H180-H250 91.61 52.3i and H280-H320 91.7071,3c
   Drive axle D51
   Drive axle - lubrication points
   Use of Loctite® and other adhesives
   Tightening torques -Nm
   Service tools
   Spacer ring - assembly
   Planetary gear drive -assembly
   Prepare planetary gear
   Planetary gear components -single reduction -Disassembly
   Needle-roller bearings - cageless assembly/disassembly - 1402_02-169
   Wet brake disc/hub -remove
   Assembly of wet disc brake -1402_02-072
   Wet brake discs -replace
   Drive axle - remove
   Drive axle - install
   Pressure and temperature specifications
   Servicing gearbox after overhaul
   Troubleshooting guide table
   Gearbox check points -Front View
   Gearbox check points -Rear view
   Gearbox check points - Left view
   Gearbox check points - Right view
   Gearbox check points -Top view
   Control valve block
   Control valve block - remove
   Control valve block - install
   Gearbox layout
   Gear and clutch selection
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