IT282 Week 3 Checkpoint - Monitoring Resources and Performance Windows 7


IT 282 Entire Course Link


Resource: Toolwire®

Log on to the student website.

1. Click the link for the Week Three Toolwire® lab.
2. A new window with a description of the lab appears. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
3. Click Lab Access to begin the lab.

Complete Toolwire® Lab: Monitoring Resources and Performance in Microsoft® Windows® 7 as indicated.

Take screenshots of at least three images that illustrate various stages of the lab. One of the screenshots must be the final screen of the lab.

1. Press Alt + Print Screen on your computer keyboard to create a screenshot.
2. Open a blank Microsoft® Word document.
3. Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the screenshot into the document.

Write a ½- to 1-page response describing your experience in the lab. Summarize what you have learned while completing the lab and whether you had any difficulties with certain parts of the lab.

Post the screenshots and your response as Microsoft® Word document attachments.


Toolwire Lab and Response
I found the toolwire lab this week quite informative. I have worked on computers that have been slow because we thought the memory was bad.

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