InsuranceAgent Solution


It is a common knowledge that most households, for protection against their major perils, take out insurance on their property, automobiles, travel, and so on. Insurance premiums are often paid on a monthly basis. In this assignment, you will build an interactive Java application that will help an insurance agent generate a quote for a household. Assume that the household wants to purchase property insurance, automobile insurance, and travel insurance. The Java application must generate a quote when the agent runs the application.

The application must contain four (4) Java classes that are stated and shown in the diagram below.

Insurance Agent App Diagram

The InsuranceAgent App class is an abstract class. The PropertyInsurance, AutomobileInsurance, and TravelInsurance classes inherit from the InsuranceAgentApp abstract class.

The specifications of each class are described below. The column on the left shows the class members and the column on the right provides a description of the class members. The 'S' designates a static member; the 'C' designates a constructor; and the 'A' designates an abstract member. The data types of each class member are shown on the left column.

Section 1: Java Program File

Create an interactive Java application for the insurance agent in order to generate a quote for a household. According to your design, the program must:

•Implement all the four (4) Java classes described with the correct inheritance of abstract classes.
•Calculate the premium and multiply the value of the object being insured by the corresponding RATE. Note: See the RATE tables above.
•Get a quote and add all the premiums for all the objects being insured.
•Include a driver problem to test the implementation in which it:
- Uses the System.out.* and* methods for all the input / output.

- Includes an object of each insurance type. Prompts the user to enter the type and riskAmount (or value of the object being insured).

- Displays the values in each of the objects created using the display() method.

- Displays the quote (totalPremium in the abstract InsuranceAgentApp class).

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