Write about Commentary Job Design in the Context of the Job Market

          This paper examines issues in job design from the perspective of developments in the labor market. Among the issues considered are the impact of technological change, shifts in how work is organized, the changing balance of power between employers and employees, the growing diversity in employment practices among similarly situated firms, and the persistence of a large low wage sector in the labor market. The target audiences of this article are from professionals, academicians, and students that studies in related field. Besides, of that particular group, people from any organization also can refer to this article including individual that interested to make a reference or sources. They also can explore and gain information of this article because it is suitable for public who want to retrieve the knowledge and is very useful. In this article also, the author emphasize the changing nature of skill, market pressures, political shifts, and new ideas about organizational design for job analysis in context of job market.
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