CMSC 350 Homework 2

CMSC 350 Homework 2
Create a generic doubly linked list class using an internal node class:
 LinkedListUMUC and NodeUMUC
Include these Methods for LinkedListUMUC:
 void insertHead (T)
 void insertTail (T)
 T removeElementAt (int)
 T removeTail ()
 T removeHead ()
 T peekElementAt (int)
 T peekHead ()
 T peekTail ()
 String toString ()
Test your program using the class from Homework 1.
In your documentation answer, at what point does your program performance begin to degrade?
Submit your java file(s) along with your test plan and demonstration of successful compilation
and running for all test cases to the homework 2 submission area.
This class implements a generic Doubly-Linked List structure.  All nodes that are placeholders are called "interim" and all parameters for  inserts are called "newNode." The naming conventions are taken from the  instructions given in our class
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