PSY 305 Week 2 Assignment APA Guidelines

PSY/305 Week 2 Assignment APA Guidelines

Imagine you are an instructor who has to present APA guidelines to your class.

Create a 6-panel brochure that covers the APA guidelines and expectations for your course according to your reading and the current version of the APA manual.


Your work MUST include information on these topics: Title page, citations (books, journal articles, internet sources), references for (books, journal articles, internet sources). You add in other relevant ideas as you choose. Your work MUST show specific examples (not just a sentence on how to do it.)


My Note:

Download all attachments

If u want to create brochure in PDF format...Go to your university site and open week 2 assignment....Right side Link available (brochure builder)....Select brochure builder 6 Fold Panel and copy paste each 6 paragraphs of  any one word file of 1st two attachment and then save PDF.
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