QNT 275 Week 4 Quiz

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QNT 275 Week 4 Quiz
Complete the quiz for Week 4
§  question1

For a given set of explanatory variables, in general:

a confidence interval is narrower than a prediction interval.

a confidence interval is wider than a prediction interval.

The width of a confidence interval cannot be determined.

the width of a confidence interval is the same as the width of a prediction interval.



§  question2

The standard error of the estimate measures:

the variability of the observed y-values around the predicted y-values.

the variability of the predicted y-values around the mean of the observed y-values.

the variability of the values of the sample regression coefficients.

the variability of the explanatory variables.


§  question3

In a simple linear regression model, if the plots on a scatter diagram lie on a straight line, what is the standard error of the estimate?






§  question4

Which of the following variables is not qualitative?

Gender of a person

Religious affiliation

Student’s status (freshman, sophomore, etc.)

Number of dependents claimed on a tax return


§  question5

Consider the following simple linear regression model:   The response variable is:






§  question6

Another name for an explanatory variable is the ___.

descriptive variable

independent variable

inferred variable

dependent variable


§  question7

Serial correlation is typically observed in:


sparse data.

cross-sectional data.

time series data.


§  question8

Consider the following simple linear regression model:   β0 and β1 are:

the unknown parameters.

the random error terms.

the response variables.

the explanatory variables.


§  question9

What is the name of the variable that’s used to predict another variable?

Coefficient of Determination

Standard Error of the Estimate




§  question10

Which of the following violates the assumptions of regression analysis?

The error term has a constant variance.

The error term has a zero mean.

The error term is normally distributed.

The error term is correlated with an explanatory variable.

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