Leah's Foam Perm in a Beauty Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Leah visits a retro beauty salon, Carmen's Creative Hair Salon in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, for a foam perm. (A foam perm is a perming solution that comes out of the bottle as foam and foams up big. These were very popular back in the 1980's and 1990's.) Dressed in a pink top, skirt, and high heels, Leah is caped and Carmen discusses her hair and the foam perm. After a cleansing shampoo and rinse, Leah's hair is sectioned off with clips, before the stylist winds the hair up in large perm rods to give Leah a nice wave -- not too curly. The perm rods are set in the traditional perm style. After all the rods are in place, the stylist distributes the foam perm solution between, under, and over the rods. Soon the large puffy white foam engulfs Leah's head, some foam dripping onto the floor. As soon as some foam glides down off the green cape, it's time to move Leah to the shampoo sink. Leah and the stylist wave a fan in her face to allow fresh air. The foam perm chemicals give off a strong odor! Once the solution is rinsed off, the neutralizer is allowed to sit in her hair until it is time to be washed out. The stylist removes all curlers and end papers, towels her hair, and leads Leah to the stylist chair. Now wearing a black cape, Leah sits for a trim and a light combing. duration: 148 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480