Firefighter Maintenance Manual

A Whole Body and Mind Guide to Getting Fit and Staying Healthy.

Written by Dr. W.F. Peate, MD, MPH
Physician for 24 Firefighting Agencies

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-This is a pdf downloadable manual. It can be viewed in any software that can open .pdf files.

Table of Contents
Why read this book?
Introduction: Death by fork and knife.
Part One: Tiger In Your Tank: Nutrition And Health
Chapter One: The Fats of Life: How to Keep the Flavor And Eat Healthy
Chapter Two: Firefighter Live-it
Chapter Three: Diabetes, an Epidemic and One in Three Don’t Know It
Part Two: Body Work
Chapter Four: Physical Activity is Medicine
Chapter Five: Preventing Heart Attacks
Chapter Seven: Mental Challenges: Stress and Wellbeing
Chapter Eight: Depression, anxiety, phobias and suicide
Chapter Nine: Male health
Chapter Ten: Women’s Health
Chapter Eleven: Cancers
Chapter Twelve: Supplements, vitamins, herbs and performance enhancing drugs and supplements
Chapter Thirteen: Alcohol and tobacco.
Chapter Fourteen: Drug Abuse: How to Break the Habit
Chapter Fifteen: Avoid fender and body benders
Chapter Sixteen. Adult attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Chapter Seventeen: Laughter and spirituality are the best medicine
Chapter Eighteen: Infectious Disease FAQs
Chapter Nineteen. Head cases: Dementia, hearing loss and tinnitus
Chapter Twenty: The Chronic Illness Roller Coaster
Chapter Twenty One: Reproductive Health for women and men
References: Online and other resources
Firefighter job description with functional /physical requirements
Screening Tests: Heart Disease
Nutrition Prescription
Keeping track:
Helpful Forms
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