QNT 275 Week 3 Quiz

QNT 275 Week 3 Quiz

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 QNT 275 Week 3 Quiz

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The sampling error is:

an error that occurs when a sample of 30 or more members is drawn

the difference between the value of a sample statistic and the value of the corresponding population parameter

an error that occurs when a sample of fewer than 30 members is drawn

an error that occurs during collection, recording, and tabulation of data




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To use an F distribution, the random variable must be:

a discrete random variable

a qualitative random variable

a continuous random variable

either a discrete or a continuous random variable




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A continuous random variable is a random variable that can:

assume any value in one or more intervals

assume no continuous random frequency

have no random sample

assume only a countable set of values




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The population distribution is the probability distribution of the:

whole population of a country

population data

population probabilities

population means




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Which of the following is not a characteristic of the normal distribution?

The value of the mean is always greater than the value of the standard deviation

The two tails of the curve extend indefinitely

The total area under the curve is 1.0

The curve is symmetric about the mean




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The units of an F distribution:

are always positive

are always nonnegative

can be negative, zero, or positive

are always negative
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