236 : Miss Black Mamba kills the Fiat Panda

Miss Black Mamba, wearing a red dress and high heels, is smoking a cigarette next to her Fiat Panda. While smoking, she walks around the Panda admiring how beautifully this old car was mad and enjoying at the same time the new amazing high heels sandals that one of our fans gifted to the Pedal Vamp team

Then she gets in the car, turns the key and starts revving the car hard !
She keeps the engine high on revs to be sure that it will be very hot soon!

She then opens the hood so she can also see the engine vibrating and shaking by the revs made by her foot on the gas pedal. She keeps it revving it really hard, so hard that the water started to heat up and boil… But she looks at it and continue revving the engine!

The water gets so hot that a strange smoke starts getting out from the car…Something is overheating!

But this is exaclty what she wants! She wants to destroy the car! So she keeps her foot on the gas pedal while the car starts screaming and pleading her to stop…

Will the car survive?
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