inb4 it gets detectedWanna buy it with a cape or account? Contact my skype 'CheapGhostClients'
Q&A:1. Does it have phase?- No, it's a ghostclient not a hackclient.2. Have you tested this client?- Yes, it bypasses every server and turns off alerts.3. Anyone already have the client?- My friend made it and im showcasing it. Me and my friend.4. Does it has fly?- No.5. How can I buy this client?- Sellfy6. Can I share this ghost client with my friends?- No, it's whitelisted.7. Am I able to hide the Text GUI that shows the mods that are enabled?- Yes, there is a button called hide gui.8. What version is this ghost client for?- 1.7.109. Is there an Alt Manager?- No, probably adding in the future.10. Can I bind hacks to keys?- Yes, in the console(Doesn't show in logs)
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