Jana Goes to the Barbershop - Flat Top Haircut - VOD Video Download

The beginning of the video has the woman who plays the character Jana, giving a brief interview about her upcoming, extremely short haircut. Afterwords, the movie of Jana Goes to the Barbershop starts, screen play by Barberella. Jana and her mom, Dorthy, step into a 1920s-era barbershop, where Jana's mom is arguing with Jana. Jana has turned into a wild party girl who needs to move back home. But before Jana can move back home, Jana needs to grow up and get her life back in order, starting with a professional looking haircut. The barberette, Becky, wraps a neck strip and pinstripe barber cape on Jana, once Jana unwillingly takes a seat in the vintage Koken barber chair. Becky begins the military regulation flat top by flicking on the Oster clippers and running them up the back of Jana's nape. Becky switches over using the silver Wahl clippers since they have a smaller blade. Once an undercut is achieved, Dorthy tells the barberette just to cut off the hair with a scissors. She shears some off, but goes back to the Wahl clippers, bringing out the flat top comb to start creating the flat top. This is when the reality-TV portion of the video starts. The barber, who has been watching behind the scenes, joins the cast on set to take over the flat top, as flat tops is one haircut that he specializes in.

You'll also see the camera woman and the photographer on set at times too. If you ever wanted to perfect your flat top techniques, this barber is fantastic one to listen to. He gives tips and creates an awesome flat top using the Wahl clippers and a comb. The barber dusts her off with a duster before getting out the metal blow dryer to get rid of the shorn hair. He adds a spritz of shine to her hair as he brushes Jana's hair back. Jana is clearly having fun in the chair. The barber vacuums Jana's head to get all the hair stubble gone. A clippers with a T-Finisher blade cleans up the nape and ear lines. The haircut ends with a hot lather treatment and straight-edge razor shave around the ears and nape. When finished, Jana goes outside for a smoke. There she talks about her haircut experience.

screen size: 720x480
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