Kat's Roller Set in Pink Vinyl Outfit and Stockings - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Wearing a pink vinyl outfit and white go-go boots for an upcoming photo shoot, Kat visits Carmen's Creative Hairstyling in Minnesota, for a roller set and style. After taking a seat in the salon chair, Kat dons on a light blue colored, plastic disposable gown. Once covered, Carmen fingers through Kat's blond hair, dips her comb into a brandy glass of styling gel, and begins to set Kat's hair in colorful magnetic rollers. When Kat's hair is set, Kat shows off the roller pattern to the camera and sits back in the salon chair to have her hair covered with a hair net, and her ears covered in felt. Carmen then leads her to the hair dryer chairs, where Kat will sit under there baking for about 41 minutes. After the hair is dried, Kat sits back in the salon chair and Carmen drapes a hot pink comb out cape over Kat's shoulders, before proceeding to remove all the rollers out of Kat's now curly hair. Carmen brushes and rats Kat's curls a bit, making more volume and fluffing out the curls. Soon Kat's big hair is doused in hairspray, and Kat shows off her new hairdo to the cameras. Duration 118 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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