PSY 110 Week 3 Applying Positive Habits

PSY 110 Week 3 Applying Positive Habits

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 PSY 110 Week 3 Applying Positive Habits

This week’s assignment offers you the opportunity to think of developing study habits that can guide success in your studies and in your career. You read about how to take notes and process information in Ch. 3 of P.O.W.E.R. Learning.

Next, Ch. 7, reinforces some of this information as you read about how to better use technology and sort through information.

In addition, this week’s Ethics Exploration activity offers videos and examples of how plagiarism can get you into trouble–either in class or in your profession.

Imagine now that you are working part-time at the university’s student resource center. It is your turn to provide advice to a student who is asking for help.

 Select either Option 1 or Option 2 to complete your assignment. As a refresher to this week’s readings, consider learning more about making a commitment to learn and apply positive habits by completing this week’s recommended Connect Activities.

Option 1: E-Mail Worksheet

Download the Week 3 Worksheet from the options on the right. Address all aspects of the instructions. Make sure to proofread for grammar and spelling. The goal is to relate the course content to your real-world experiences. Make sure to include a title page.

Use the Title Page template to include a title page in your worksheet. This should all be one document.

 Tip: When writing your e-mail, review the sections in Chapter 7 titled, “Writing Effective E-Mail Messages” and “Netiquette: Showing Civility on the Web.”

Option 2: Pamphlet

 Create a handout to inform college students the strategies you are learning about this week. Ensure you include answers to the following:




What are some notetaking strategies?


What are some tips to sort through vast amounts of information on the web? How do you ensure you are finding authoritative information?


How can developing good habits, such as notetaking and information competency, help avoid ethical dilemmas in future studies or in the workplace?


Tip: Use the template provided for you or use the Brochure Builder.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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