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CPMGT 305 Week 3 Discussion Starter
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Components of a Human Resource Plan
Part of project implementation or execution is having a human resources plan. What are the major components of a human resources plan? What are the different ways to acquire the human resources needed for the plan other than adding headcount? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?
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Project Implementation Planning
Project implementation planning is used to ensure you can successfully implement the project plan. What are the key elements of project implementation or execution? What is the relationship between a project charter, a project plan, and a project implementation plan? As a project manager, what areas might you monitor and control to ensure project implementation is on track? How often might you review the project's progress? How might you handle project jeopardy or potentially missing a date when they occur?
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Project Communications Plan
Part of project implementation or execution is having a comprehensive communications plan that includes all of the key stakeholders. What are the major components of a communications plan? How might you identify the information to be provided to the different stakeholders? What communications process for projects have you seen work well or not work well?
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