Key Assignment

What product did you choose to analyze for the Key Assignment, and why? What were your initial reactions to the product advertising campaign under analysis?
Did the campaign change your attitude? If so, how?
Did the campaign change your behavior? If so, what did you do differently?
use the following sociopsychological approaches to describe your understanding of persuasion and propaganda used in the campaign: 
Authority: Did the campaign use an authoritative figure to persuade you?
Reciprocity: Did the campaign offer something in reciprocation?
Commitment or Consistency: Do you feel a sense of commitment or need for consistency because of the campaign?
Social Proof: Do you feel a sense of social approval because of the campaign?
Likeability: Do you like the people in the campaign?
Scarcity: Does the campaign imply a scarcity of the product?
400-600 WORDS

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