Amazing Tales #1

At only 99 cents this comic represents great value, containing 4 bonzer stories with an Australian accent.
If you like Aussie humour and characters you'll love this. 

This anthology includes the following stories:
- Office Romance - An adventure in 22nd Century
- Bad Karma - a ripping tale from the jungles of Vietnam, and
- The Runaway and A Ringer's Yarn - two tales from the Australian bush.

At this price - what's to lose?

Reader's feed back :
* I liked the oddness of the Dropship 15 story, the novelty of The Runaway, the ockerish Twilight Zone of Bad Karma and the barren eeriness/loneliness of The Ringer's Yarn. (from Jules)
* Bought the book at the Stanleys Weekend. Great read! Excellent work (Christophe, of France)
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