CRAZY URBAN VEGAN E-COOK BOOK Deluxe Edition- Over 100 of Ashley's Vegan Recipes

Crazy Urban Vegan Cookbook Deluxe Edition 

Whether you are new to vegan cooking or you need recipes to add to your meal line up this vegan cookbook covers all the basics. In this book you will find a collection of 100 pages of my personal recipes including:

  • Smoothies

  • Raw Recipes

  • Alkaline Recipes

  • Vegan Bowls

  • Salads

  • Pasta

  • Pizza

  • Vegan Mexican Recipes

  • Plant-Based Party Food

  • Vegan Meat & Cheese Substitutes

  • Soy Free Options and much more! 

Welcome to my personal kitchen. The recipes in this book are what helped me stick with the Vegan diet when I first made the choice to transition from Vegetarian to Vegan.

With love in my kitchen I had to figure out how to make healthier, tastier Vegan meals for my son and I to enjoy. I hope that you and your family enjoy these recipes as much as we do.

Peace, Love & Health

Ashley Amanda
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