HRM 300 Week 2 Learning Team Charter

HRM 300 Week 2 Learning Team Charter

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 HRM 300 Week 2 Learning Team Charter


MUST use Charter provided by instructor (linked to this page)   – not the one in our library – CWE. 

In this course, your team will work together to complete a few assignments. This chartering assignment is designed to help you apply your project management skills to understand the scope of your project, then break the project into goals, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and milestones. The assignment also asks you to discuss and answer some questions that will lay the foundation for developing your project.

Beyond the Standard Charter

You will notice that this chartering process goes beyond your standard University of Phoenix Charter by helping your team create a project plan for team success by providing you with opportunities to define your deliverables, recognize the connections between the deliverables and other classroom activities, determine your timelines and milestones, identify each team member’s expected contribution, and answer questions that lay the foundation for building your projects. It will also add the discipline process called: Progressive Penalties. This requires the team to determine in advance, and all agree, the penalties for a teammate that does not submit quality and/or timely work. Specific deadlines must be determined and published in charter.

Putting “I” in “Team”

Important to note is the section for defining learning team expectations related to participation, collaboration, communication, team contributions, assignment deadlines, and other considerations. Please take the time to discuss and document how your team will address each area and any challenges that may arise.  It is important to understand that we are “Putting ‘I’ in ‘Team'”. In short, we will recognize and reward individuals according to their contributions to team output, not according to their team membership. This means that individual grades may be different from the team grade depending on each individual’s contribution to each team deliverable. This will also be a team decision.

Completing this Assignment

To complete this assignment, do the following:




Review the Charter and Project plan.


Review the weekly Learning Team deliverables. Assign a different project leader for each week (even if there is no team assignment that week – leader is team coordinator for the week). 


Complete the provided Learning Team Charter and Project Plan, including the following: team member contact information, each members’ team and academic skills and skills to be developed. Learning team SMART goals.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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