IGCSE Biology - Chromosomes, Genes and DNA Presentation

This is an animated PowerPoint presentation that covers the pollution section of 5.1 Chromosomes, Genes and DNA of the Edexcel IGCSE Biology course. This PowerPoint has a little bonus 10 question quiz at the end to check your understanding.

The PowerPoint covers the following questions:

Can you recall that genes are located on chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell?
Can you recall that DNA can be sectioned into genes?
Are you able to describe the structure of a DNA molecule as two coiled strands that form a double helix, the strands being linked by a series of paired bases?
What are the haploid and diploid numbers in human cells?
What is an allele?
What is a genetic mutation?
What can cause the incidence of mutations to increase? (separate science only)

The PowerPoint is designed to directly address each relevant point in the syllabus. It is simple and straight to the point covering the topic in just the right amount of detail.

It's a fantastic resource for both teachers and students or a great tool for revision.

Many of the slides have animations in that will only work when viewed in slideshow mode, so please use that when working through the presentation.
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