The Vows Dragons Break - ePub edition

Book 3 of The Dragons of Kudare

Reeling from the losses of the past year, the Quelstow family must find a future in the shadow of the Strangbrouden aerie. Caden, haunted and broken, and Rane, in a state of frightening and ever-changing evolution, struggle to discover their place in a fractured world.

But when an ancient enemy rises in the mountains to the west, Rane and Caden must set aside their pain and ambition to fight for their own survival—as well as that of humanity and dragonkind. A hidden truth and a shattered promise threaten all, forcing the siblings to make difficult decisions. One wrong move could bring a devastating war to the three races of the Blessed Empire, but in a world where every side has their own twisted agenda, which choice is right?
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