This powerful utility will transcend a simple magic effect, or allow you to innocently bring something mental, emotional, strange, during a normal conversation, or an act. - It seems to bring a plausible explanation to people's choices. - It will provide misdirection or a logical disconnect, or another layer of deception. - It will prepare your audience for a bigger « surprise ». You can use it, and will use it, for your existing routines, and with many topics, as it is quite universal. It needs an easy one-time preparation that costs nothing, and that you can carry with you all the time. It will then look casual and improvised, and can be very easily included into existing routines, card tricks or else, to justify a spectator's free choice. Example: A spectator is asked to name her favorite cocktail, (or flower, or else - No force), and then, her favorite card (or else - Again, No force). You now produce a « proof » that explains or partly justifies their free decisions. NOTE: This can be followed with a kicker ending or effect of your choice. (in this particular example, for instance, you could produce the named card (as in « Sure Guess », or with an invisible deck, or any other method you like).
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