Flesh Tones Issue 1

2014/2015 British Comic Awards Long List Recipient

The first issue of the anthology series Flesh Tones has arrived!


The Mansion (written by Patrick Scattergood and illustrated by Lee Taylor)

When a young married couple move in to their late Grandfather's mansion, they think they're in for a romantic anniversary evening.

They were wrong...

Very, very wrong indeed.

'Real Horror' (written by Patrick Scattergood and illustrated by Dan Charnley)

There is a popular saying that the world is "going to hell" but what if that really was true and what would the person behind that think?

Would that person watch and let the world sink to lower and lower depths?  Would that person allow the raise of bigotry and hatred until the world could take no more? Or would that person try to fix the wrongs that have befallen us all?
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