Mauro's Moody/Film LUT GH4/G7/G80/G85/GH5

by Mauro's Films
FOR Panasonic G7/G80/G85/GH3/GH4/GH5/FZ1000/FZ2000/2500

Capturing moments and turning them into a short video somethimes needs a punch of Mood..


THIS IS NOT A STAND-ALONE APPLICATION! You need a NLE editng program to apply the LUT! (Look up table)

Presenting you the MOOFY/FILM LUT created to give you a quick grade and a film look in seconds.

The whole process in this lut:
Basic correction: added contrast, blacks and raised shadows, matched the white balance and skin tones.
Creative tab: intense adjustments to rgb curves, color wheels, hsl secondary and vignette

This LUT can be used on other profiles rather than Cinelike D adjusting the intensity in the Color/Creative tab menu.

Best profile for this LUT:
Cinelike D
Contrast -1
Sharpness -3
Noise reduction -2
Saturation -3

You will get a .cube file which you should apply in the creative tab of Lumetri Color (Premiere Pro) so you can adjust the Intensity. You can also use it in FCPX but you need a third party plugin like „Lutbuddy“.

The lut is in the Rec.709 color space so it  can be applied on other camera
makers normal and flat profiles like Sony and Canon...

Hope you can have a good use of it...

Support my work and future LUT'S based on my visual work.

Made with love by
Mauro Licul
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