Introduction to Computer Architecture Program #1

For this project, you will write a MIPS assembly language program to calculate the function 𝑦=(3𝑎+2𝑏)𝑎3+177𝑏
Your program should prompt the user to enter values for 𝑎 and 𝑥, compute the result and display the result on the screen. Your program does not need to loop through the process; the example below shows three executions of the program.
Your program should include appropriate comments indicating what the code should be doing and what registers are being used for. After displaying the results, your program should exit cleanly. Your programs should be turned in through HuskyCT. You should test your programs using the SPIM simulator to ensure their functionality before submitting them.
Example output:
Enter a value for a: 17
Enter a value for b: 6
y=7369 R38
Enter a value for a: 6
Enter a value for b: 17
y=94 R63
Enter a value for a: 5
Enter a value for b: 9
y=65 R47
1. To introduce the SPIM simulator for the MIPS assembly language.
2. To introduce and practice writing MIPS assembly language programs.
Point Values:
Total. 20 pts
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